What types of chicken farming are there?

Kinds of poultry farming

Types of chicken farming fall into 3 broad categories. These methods of poultry farming are used in intensive chicken farming, free range chicken farming and organic chicken farming. All types of poultry farming use similar methods and practises. The poultry equipment used for each type is , in some case exactly the same , and in other cases very different. The types of poultry, or breeds of chickens vary but methodology remains the same.

Broiler Farming

Broiler chicken farming is the farming of poultry for slaughter. The chickens are raised as eating chickens. The time it takes to grow a broiler chicken ranges from 4 weeks (intensive chicken farming) to 12 weeks (organic chicken farming). The time it takes to grow a chicken will depend on the feed and the conditions of the poultry house. Time is sometimes regulated, as in organic chicken farming, you may not slaughter before 12 weeks. In a chicken house where intensive methods are used, up to 15 chickens per square meter are placed.

Layer Chicken Farming

Raising layer chickens, or laying hens, is done for the purpose of eggs. These eggs are eating eggs and are sold as such. In intensive layer farming, hens are usually kept in layer cages, up to 5 hens per bay. The hens will lay for about 2 years and then be sent for slaughter. Egg production is anything from 5 eggs per week per hen – up to an egg a day per hen. In free range poultry farming  and organic egg production, the hens will lay the eggs in a nest box, and will have access to the outside environment. Special organic feeds are required, and certain regulations apply. Egg production does not suffer as a result of free range chicken farming or organic chicken farming.  Intensive poultry faring for eggs is also known as battery farming, cage farming and battery cage farming.

Breeder broilers chicken farming

This type of farming is very similar to egg production. In intensive poultry farming the hens live in a house with cockerels and lay eggs in nest boxes. The eggs will have been fertilised and are collected daily. They are then taken to a hatchery where they will be hatched out as baby chicks and sold as day old chicks to farmers who are involved in broiler chickens.

Depending what types of chicken farming you are doing, you will need specific poultry equipment. The methods of poultry farming, will determine the specific poultry equipment – and the  types of poultry farming will be regulated by the country you are farming in. You will use the types of poultry and breeds of chickens that are most suited to your environment and specific kind of chicken farming.

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  1. Joel Thabethe says:

    I need advice about boillers and the machine of slottering the chickens

  2. Mzo Mbilini says:

    I’m a South African and am interested in farming broilers for meat. I’ve asked arround from people who seem to know how but I still need to get more info before I invest my money. I have a 50m by 50m plot in my village and I want to start with broilers and then grow onto egg production. What advice can you give me interms of the construction of the housing and its considerations on a tight budget as well as precautions for a low mortality rate once I start. I do understand that I should gather all the feed and medicine for all the phases my chickes will go through before I start, but what else should I not miss. Thank you.

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